Underwater Fluorescence Videos

A collection of videos of underwater fluorescence.

Fluorescence night diving, Bonaire. Stills and video by Charlie Mazel using the Sola NIGHTSEA lights.

Two videos, both with fantastic close-up work, by Jeff Honda. These were made using the new Sola NIGHTSEA light.

Video by Paul Cater Deaton off Little Cayman, made with the Sola NIGHTSEA. This video can be seen on Google Earth!

This is a video by Frans De Backer taken with the new Light & Motion Sola NIGHTSEA at Divetech’s Lighthouse Point shore dive in Grand Cayman.

A YouTube video of a sharptail eel seen with white light and then fluorescing with the Sola NIGHTSEA by Tony Ernst of Pompano Dive Center.

April 2013 – Visions in Blue, Biofluorescent Night Diving HD Footage. Beautiful fluorescence close-up work by Elisabeth Lauwerys Oceans Below, shot in collaboration with UV Dive Koh Tao, Thailand. Posted on Vimeo.

Fluorescence night dive in Kenting, Taiwan, by Dr. Melissa Roth of UC Berkeley.

Another by Melissa Roth and collaborator Dimitri Deheyn of Scripps Institution of Oceanography showing a coral in white light and fluorescence as it is subjected to temperature stress and undergoes bleaching.

A gorgeous fluorescent anemone in Chuk Lagoon, Micronesia, by Josef Akhtman

The incomparable Guy and Anita Chaumette, who make up Liquid Motion Film, produced a full-length feature on underwater fluorescence for National Geographic Television International. Click any image below to see a short film clip on their website:

Liquid Motion Film Fluorescent Corals

Fluorescent Corals


Liquid Motion Film Fluorescent Shrimp

Fluorescent Shrimp


Liquid Motion Film Fluorescent Fireworm

Fluorescent Fireworm


Liquid Motion Film Fluorescence Science 1

Science 1


Liquid Motion Film Fluorescence Science

Science 2


Liquid Motion Film Fluorescence in the Deep Sea

Deep Sea Fluorescence

BBC’s ‘Underwater Fluorescence Disco’ with Philippe Cousteau featuring NIGHTSEA equipment

A glowing moray eel, YouTuber kjeldfriis

A fluorescing mantis shrimp catches a fish, by NIGHTSEA’s Charlie Mazel. Read more about this here.

From Roatan, Honduras, by YouTuber Rikuum87

One from Prana Divers