Nondestructive Testing

“The FL5000 light we purchased is working above our expectation. It is cutting our rework time in half.”

“The FPS system just raised the bar several notches at our facility as to what’s an acceptable method to document fluorescent indications. We should have gotten one of these a long time ago!”

The Model FL5000 Fluorescence Inspection Light is a convenient flashlight for portable observation of fluorescent indications from magnetic particles or liquid penetrants.

The Model FPS-1 Fluorescence Photography System is a a turnkey camera/flash combination preconfigured for completely portable, easy-to-operate photography of fluorescent indications of the type found in NDT and other applications.

The Model FL5000 and the Model FPS-1 are products of BlueLine NDT. BlueLine and NIGHTSEA are divisions of the same company, and we have merged the NDT products onto the NIGHTSEA site for convenience. Some of the NIGHTSEA equipment, such as the various adapters for adding fluorescence capability to a wide range of microscopes, may be of interest to the NDT community.

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