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“The NIGHTSEA system works perfectly for the purpose of animal sorting, is very easy to use, student friendly, very portable and a 10th of the cost of a fluorescent dissecting scope. I highly recommend this product.”

“The NIGHTSEA system was extremely easy to set up, it can be moved to different microscopes and the support for the product has been fantastic. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quick and cheap way to add the ability to image fluorescence to their lab.”

“Every fly lab needs one of these. The NIGHTSEA fluorescence adaptors are indispensable in my lab! After purchasing one (the best $1000 spent equipping my new lab!), I purchased a second set. We use these all the time to select for or against GFP-expressing Drosophila larvae, pupae and embryos. We could have spent a small fortune and purchased the conventional GFP-stereo microscope…but instead these NIGHTSEA adaptors do the job very well (and for a fraction of the price). I highly recommend these.”

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If you need to see fluorescence either by eye or at the level of the stereo microscope, NIGHTSEA solutions can help you do this at a very reasonable price. Researchers around the world are using our versatile Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and our fluorescence excitation flashlight solutions in their workflow with transgenic and stained subjects, in a very wide variety of investigations.