Choosing between the BW-1 and FL-1 for Coral Recruitment Research

Both the BW-1 and FL-1 dive lights are great tools for finding coral recruits and juveniles during either day or night dives. Depending on how you plan to work you might favor one over the other for your particular application.

First the simple background:

  • For searching at night or in a dark room you want a steady blue excitation light.
  • For searching during the day either below or above water you want the blue light to operate in NIGHTSEA’s unique flashing mode.

Both the BW-1 and FL-1 have two LEDs that are selected by turning the power switch either to the left or the right. The difference between the two lights is this:

  • The BW-1 has one blue LED and one white LED. The blue LED can be operated in either steady or flashing mode. The mode is selected by physically moving a jumper connector inside the light, so the mode has to be selected before the dive.
    • Advantage – you have both white and blue modes in one light, very convenient for night diving.
    • Disadvantage – you have to manually select the blue light mode (flashing vs. steady) before the dive.
  • The FL-1 has two blue LEDs. One always operates in steady mode, the other in flashing mode.
    • Advantage – both steady and flashing modes are always available, with no need to configure the light before the dive.
    • Disadvantage – no white light included, so you need to switch over to a conventional dive light if you want white light at night.

If you are not going to be night diving the FL-1 is probably the better choice since you can use it in flashing mode underwater or at your wet tables during the day, and in steady mode when working in the lab. Sometimes even during the day it is nice to have the steady mode at hand for a closer look after you have found a subject with the flashing mode. If you are going to be working predominantly at night then the BW-1 is probably the better choice since you can leave the blue LED in steady mode and have the white LED always immediately available.

If you need any additional assistance in making a selection please contact NIGHTSEA.