Custom Light Source Filter for Keyence VHX-7100 Fully Integrated Head


A customer wanted to remove all blue light from the built-in LED illumination source in their Keyence Model VHX-7000 microscope with the VHX-7100 Fully Integrated Head. Their samples, electronic photoresists, were potentially sensitive to those wavelengths, and they wanted to prevent any possible damage.

We have worked closely with the Keyence team in developing solutions for adding fluorescence to the Keyence microscopes, and have also done special projects like providing an add-on full wave plate for several Keyence lenses.

For this project we designed a custom filter insert that slips into the polarization slot on the left side (as you are facing the microscope) of the FI head. The image on the left below shows the filter insert. The graph shows the spectral output of the light before (blue line) and after (orange line) inserting the NIGHTSEA filter.

This filter is now available as a standard item from NIGHTSEA – part number KFI-IF515

Contact NIGHTSEA if you have special needs for your Keyence series microscopes – we may be able to help!


(Click image for larger view)