SFA Application Notes

We have prepared several application notes related to use of the NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter, and more will be added from time to time.

♦ Application Note 1 – Using routine fluorescence stereo microscopes for sorting Drosophila larvae
This application note describes how the SFA system helped a researcher at the University of Alabama with a high-throughput fly-sorting challenge by making it economical to outfit multiple stereo microscopes for fluorescence at reasonable cost.
♦ Application Note 2Save time and money – use the NIGHTSEA SFA to pre-screen samples for high resolution imaging
It is not uncommon for researchers to prepare samples for confocal microscopy and pay for machine time at a core imaging facility, only to find that their samples are not fluorescent! This is a waste of time and money. Researchers have purchased the SFA to put on routine stereo microscopes in their laboratory for the sole purpose of pre-screening their samples, ensuring that they only take fluorescent samples for higher resolution imaging.
♦ Application Note 3 – NIGHTSEA helps U Montana’s exciting spectrUM Discovery Area uncover the hidden world of neuroscience
The SFA helped the University of Montana create a hands-on neuroscience exhibit for kids of all ages on the UM campus, in a downtown Missoula storefront, and in a mobile exhibit. Download the pdf at the link above, or read this application note on the web site.