Fluorescence Transitions

White light and fluorescence – before/after images

Enjoy the magical transformation of fluorescence in this selection of paired images.

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Science Labs

Zebrafish expressing cmlc:GFP (heart) and gata1:dsRed (blood cells)
Royal Blue excitation shows the strong green heart fluorescence, with weaker expression from the blood cells. The yellow is autofluorescence from the yolk.

Green excitation brings out the red fluorescence in the blood cells.

Mouse pups – one GFP-positive, the other not

Drosophila expressing GFP

Crop engineering research – RFP-positive and -negative seedlings


Museum and Art Research and Conservation

Poster print

Provincetown Carnival poster, white light.Provincetown Carnival poster, fluorescence.
Provincetown Carnival poster detail, white light.


Forensic Sciences

Anti-counterfeit fluorescence stripe on a US$10 bill

Bone fragment in dirt


Marine Life – Science & Sport

Shrimp, New England

Shrimp, New England, white lightShrimp, New England, fluorescence


Coral recruits on settlement tiles, under the microscope

Fluorescence is a powerful tool in the study of juvenile corals and coral recruitment. Specimens that are hard to see in white light jump out in fluorescence.

Coral polyp on settlement tile - white light. (c) Alina SzmantCoral polyp on settlement tile - fluorescence. (c) Alina Szmant
Coral polyp on settlement tile - white light. (c) Alina SzmantCoral polyp on settlement tile - fluorescence. (c) Alina Szmant




Electronics – Conformal coating on a circuit board

Failure analysis – Cracks in a cross section of an integrated circuit chip

Pharmaceutical – cross-section of a multivitamin pill



Mineral fluorescence – Calcite and Willemite, blue light excitation

Mineral fluorescence – Sodalite

Mineral fluorescence – Specimen with calcite (red fluorescence) and willemite (green fluorescence) under the microscope

Mineral fluorescence – Gypsum – Video showing white light appearance, plus fluorescence under shortwave UV, longwave UV, and blue light


Ammonite fossil – calcite accumulation



Tobacco hornworms on tomato plants

Caterpillars on leaves



Tree bark

Low tide, Asilomar State Beach, California

Sand scoop from Asilomar State Beach tide pool under the microscope

Find the ostracod!

Cactus, Anza Borrego State Park



Reef aquarium