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2017 KEY Award – Fluorescence microscopy grant for new faculty

KEY Award opportunity – fluorescence microscopy viewing equipment plus laboratory supplies for a researcher entering a new faculty position.

Application note on failure analysis

We recently posted a new article about the use of the NIGHTSEA microscope adapters for failure analysis – looking at small cracks/defects that are highlighted with fluorescent indicators, over a wide range of scales.  

Neuroscience STEM Outreach – BrainFest

Dr. Jenny Lenkowski of Goucher Colege recently participated in BrainFest, a day of science education for the Baltimore community focusing on neuroscience. She brought along zebrafish with GFP-expressing nervous systems and the NIGHTSEA SFA to light them up. In this post she writes about her experience, and as a bonus there are some YouTube videos of glowing […]

Insect Fluorescence in the Wild

I recently attended the XXV International Conference of Entomology in Orlando, Florida, and was invited to join a group heading to Ocala National Forest to look for an unusual species of grasshopper with very restricted range. It was a fun night for me hunting in the bushes with a group of entomologists, and I came […]

We want to hear your story!

The purpose of our blog posts is to share information of interest to people working with fluorescence in a wide variety of disciplines. Are you using NIGHTSEA fluorescence equipment in an interesting way? Do you have any experiences or tips that you think would be of use to a broader audience? Exciting pictures? Let us […]