Barrier Filters for Underwater Fluorescence Photography

For fluorescence photography you need a barrier filter in front of the camera lens. This filter has two jobs

  • block the reflected excitation light;
  • transmit the fluorescence,

and it needs to do both with high efficiency. NIGHTSEA provides barrier filters that are well matched to our excitation sources. There are options for fitting the filter inside or outside the housing.

  • Filter in a holder with standard filter threads. Screws into your camera lens inside the housing, or outside if your housing has a thread adapter.
  • Acrylic filter sheet that attaches outside your housing with bungie (elastic) cord.

Putting the filter on the camera inside the housing protects it from the elements, but you can’t remove it during the dive to switch back and forth between fluorescence and white-light photography. Putting the filter outside the housing gives you the option to switch back and forth, but with the need for care to avoid scratching or breaking the filter.

The camera thread filters are available in standard thread sizes. They are designated as ‘BBxx’, where ‘xx’ is the thread size in mm. Please enquire for prices.

The plastic squares with elastic cord are available in three sizes, all priced at $50:

  • BF-1 – 4.25″ (108mm) square
  • BF-2 – 4.75″ (121mm) square
  • BF-3 – 5.25″ (133.5mm) square