BlueStar Flashlight plus Model VG2 Barrier Filter Glasses

BlueStar Flashlight Packages

The BlueStar packages are an economical flashlight + filter glasses combination that works well for exciting fluorescence in many subjects. The Royal Blue excitation is great for GFP, fluorescein, and other green fluorophores, and for exploring fluorescence in the world around us.


NOTE – As of June 2020 the BlueStar flashlight is no longer available. It has been replaced by the GoBe NIGHTSEA light.


What is the benefit?

You can easily screen for green fluorescent protein, fluorescein, calcein, and other fluorophores used in life sciences and industry, and explore for fluorescence in nature.

Who is using this?

  • Researchers in bio labs
    • Works great with GFP, eGFP, fluorescein, lucifer yellow, other fluorophors
  • Educators
    • Demonstrate and teach principles of fluorescence
    • Encourage student exploration of fluorescence in the world around them
  • Fisheries scientists
  • Marine scientists
    • Scan marine specimens for fluorescence
    • Examine settlement tiles for juvenile corals
  • Reef aquarium hobbyists
    • Bring out the true fluorescence in your tanks
    • Scan for new life too small to see any other way
  • Anyone
    • Explore for fluorescence in your world – your kitchen, your garden, anywhere!

“The Nightsea Bluestar torch is excellent for checking GFP plants in the lab. It has been exceptionally useful and very reliable.”

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