DIM and PULSE options for the SFA

We offer two optional enhancements for the Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter. These are available either as a retrofit or as an add-on to a new system purchase.

  • DIM – Replaces the OFF/ON switch with an OFF/ON/DIM switch. This enables you to vary the excitation intensity.
  • PULSE – Adds a BNC connector on the rear of the light base that accepts a voltage signal to control the excitation source ON/OFF.

Note – only one or the other of the options can be added to a particular base unit.


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Details – DIM Option

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The DIM option adds a combined switch and dimmer control. When you first turn the unit on it is at full power. As you rotate the switch the intensity decreases, reaching ~30% at the minimum setting. You have finer control in the brighter portion of the adjustment range. An intensity indicator (1 – 10) makes it easy to record and repeat preferred settings.

Why might you want to use a dimming control? Read the article.

Part numbers:

  • SFA-BASE-DIM – stand-alone new base including the DIM option, $665
  • SFA-BASE-DIM-R – to retrofit the DIM option to an existing base, $275

Details – PULSE Option

The PULSE option adds a BNC connector on the rear of the base that accepts a user-supplied voltage input from a computer, function generator, or the like to turn the light on and off. Some possible applications:

  • External control for precise illumination timing for photoactivation, behavioral experiments, …
  • Light dimming by PWM (pulse width modulation) – read more
  • Add a footswitch for hands-free operation – contact NIGHTSEA for details

Part numbers:

  • SFA-BASE-PULSE – stand-alone new base including the PULSE option, $665
  • SFA-BASE-PULSE-R – to retrofit the PULSE option to an existing base, $275


  • Voltage level: 2.8 – 6.0 VDC for ON, <0.6VDC OFF
  • Maximum input frequency: 200Hz
  • BNC cable not included

How do I order?

Master distributorElectron Microscopy Sciences

Local microscope dealers – The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and its accessories are also available from select local microscope dealers. If one of them referred you to the NIGHTSEA web site for more information, please go back to that reseller to place your order.

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