Dino-Lite digital microscope with array of NIGHTSEA barrier filters

Fluorescence Adapter for Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is designed for use with the Dino-Lite EDGE series of digital microscopes (see below for recommended models). Dino-Lite does offer microscopes with built-in fluorescence (excitation LEDs and barrier filters), but in some cases you can achieve improved performance by using the NIGHTSEA SFA excitation light sources in combination with our matching barrier filters pre-mounted in a Dino-Lite endcap so that they just snap onto the front of the microscope.

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The images below are a sampling of those we have made with the Dino-Lite/NIGHTSEA combination.

Video demo

This video, produced by Dino-Lite, shows how the NIGHTSEA system works with the Dino-Lite Edge microscopes

Compatible Dino-Lite models

The NIGHTSEA system is best suited to the long working distance Dino-Lite Edge models. The higher magnification units have very short working distances, making it difficult to direct the NIGHTSEA light source onto the subject.

These are the recommended compatible white light models:

The NIGHTSEA system can also potentially add performance to some of the Dino-Lite fluorescence models. At longer working distances it can become difficult for the built-in LEDs to provide sufficient excitation on the subject. The NIGHTSEA source is more powerful, and can be positioned closer to the subject.

The compatible fluorescence models are listed below. Contact NIGHTSEA or Dino-Lite for information about how to use our systems in combination with these or any other models.

These images were made by Dino-Lite, showing split-screen images made with excitation by Dino-Lite (left) or NIGHTSEA (right).

Read more in this post by Dino-Lite.

Use of a Dino-Lite microscope stand RK-10A or RK-06A is recommended.


System components

The Model SFA Dino-Lite Fluorescence Adapter is a complete solution for adding fluorescence to an Edge Series Dino-Lite digital microscope. You can purchase any of the 6 modular wavelength combinations (see below) that you need and add more at any time.

A complete system with one excitation/emission combination includes just 5 items:

  • The two below are needed once for a full system:
    1. Flexible gooseneck lamp base with dimming control circuit
    2. Power supply that operates from 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz and international plug set
  • The three items below (for one wavelength combination) are included in a full system and as add-on light + filter sets to add additional combinations:
    1. LED light head
    2. Barrier filter mounted in an opaque Dino-Lite cap that snaps onto the bottom of the lens
    3. Barrier filter glasses

You only need the first group one time. The light head and filters can be removed and replaced in seconds, and color coding ensures that you are using the right combination. Full systems and add-on wavelength sets are supplied in custom foam-lined cases. All components are also available a la carte.

Wavelength sets

  • Wavelength sets are named and color coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence.
Designation Excitation Emission Filter
UVUltraviolet 360 – 380nm 415nm longpass
VI – Violet 400 – 415nm 450nm longpass
RB – Royal Blue 440 – 460nm 500nm longpass
RB-GO – Royal Blue 440 – 460nm 500 – 560nm bandpass
CY – Cyan 490 – 515nm 550nm longpass
GR – Green 510 – 540nm 600nm longpass



Part numbers and pricing

  • Note – – Wavelength sets are named and color coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence.
  • One-color complete setup – $1,095 ($1,245 for Ultraviolet, SFA-DL-UV)
    • SFA-DL-UV – Ultraviolet (360 – 380nm) excitation
    • SFA-DL-VI – Violet (400 – 415nm) excitation
    • SFA-DL-RB – Royal Blue (440 – 460nm) excitation with longpass filter
    • SFA-DL-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-DL-CY – Cyan (490 – 515nm) excitation
    • SFA-DL-GR – Green (510 – 540nm) excitation
  • Modular excitation/emission sets – $425 ($575 for Ultraviolet, SFA-DL-LFS-UV)
    • SFA-DL-LFS-UV – Ultraviolet excitation
    • SFA-DL-LFS-VI – Violet excitation
    • SFA-DL-LFS-RB – Royal Blue excitation
    • SFA-DL-LFS-RB-GO – Royal Blue excitation with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-DL-LFS-CY – Cyan excitation
    • SFA-DL-LFS-GR – Green excitation

If you need help selecting a Dino-Lite model and stand to use with the NIGHTSEA fluorescence adapter system, visit the Dino-Lite web site or contact Dino-Lite customer support.