Stereo microscope set up on the beach, with the NIGHTSEA Eclipse MicroTent installed

Eclipse MicroTent – On-Demand Darkness for Fluorescence Microscopy

What is this?

The Eclipse MicroTent™ is a patented accessory for fluorescence microscopy that provides local darkness around conventional laboratory stereo microscopes while still providing easy access to the sample stage and the focus and zoom controls.

** We may now be able to supply custom solutions for a greater variety of microscopes – read more …

The Eclipse MicroTent™ is protected by US Patent No. 10,175,467

What is the benefit?

You can eliminate the interference from ambient light without being tied to a dedicated darkened room, turning off overhead lights (and inconveniencing your labmates), or building makeshift structures around your microscope. You can even do fluorescence microscopy outdoors in full sun!

Why did we develop this?

We wanted to provide our customers with a way to take full advantage of our Model SFA fluorescence adapter system that enables you to add fluorescence to just about any stereo microscope. Sometimes those microscopes may be on lab benches in shared spaces, near windows, or in other difficult-to-darken locations. Fluorescence can be weak and in many cases it can be difficult to see well if there is any ambient light. And what if you wanted to conduct fluorescence research in the field? An easy-to-use source of portable darkness enables you to do fluorescence anywhere.

How does it work?

The Eclipse MicroTent™ is fabricated from true blackout material that creates local darkness around a microscope while still providing easy access to the eyepieces, the sample stage, and the focus and zoom controls.


  • Opening for the microscope oculars with elastic sleeve to minimize light entry
  • Large front flap provides easy access to the sample stage and can be fastened open
  • Arm slots on sides provide additional access to focus and zoom controls
  • Folds flat for storage


Is the tent all I need for darkness?

Excellent question! Once you have solved the problem of too much light around the microscope the next limiting factor is light entering your eyes from the side. To deal with this with each we provide two pairs of Tru-Block™ Eye Shields, one each Standard and Compact size, with each tent.

What if I want to take pictures, run CO2 lines, or something like that?

We knew you would ask. We provide two sizes of feedthrough patches so that you can add penetrations for a camera port, power cords, CO2 lines, or other features as you require.

Show me pictures!

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How can you work outdoors? Where do you plug in?

For fieldwork you can power the SFA system with a compact, long-lasting battery pack made specially for this application.

Part number and pricing

  • SFA-TENT – $325 – includes tent, eye shields, and feedthrough patches


  • Material –   Flame-resistant blackout fabric
  • Dimensions, open –   50 x 50 x 30 cm (20 x 20 x 12 in.) (width, height, depth)
  • Dimensions, flat –  50 x 50 x 1.3 cm (20 x 20 x 0.5 in.)

How do I order?

Master distributorElectron Microscopy Sciences

Local microscope dealers – The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and its accessories are also available from select local microscope dealers. If one of them referred you to the NIGHTSEA web site for more information, please go back to that reseller to place your order.

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