GoBe NIGHTSEA Fluorescence Exploration Light for Lab, Land, and Sea

The GoBe NIGHTSEA light is a small, portable light that is excellent for fluorescence observation in the lab or field, both on land and underwater. The GoBe is the product of a collaboration between NIGHTSEA and Light & Motion, a leading manufacturer of lights for use in the field and underwater.

The GoBe NIGHTSEA features:

  • Royal Blue light head, emission primarily in 440 – 460nm range
  • Three intensity levels, with 120 minutes runtime on high intensity
  • Battery status indicator
  • Completely sealed – IP68 rating, waterproof to 120m depth
  • Rechargeable internal battery, 5 hour recharge time
  • Flip cap contains a remote phosphor, turning it into a white light source (see below)
  • Available with filter glasses for lab and land use, or a dive filter visor to venture underwater
  • Dimensions – 12.5 x 4.8 x 12.5 cm (4.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″)


The images below demonstrate the function of the GoBe NIGHTSEA light. The subject is chunks of a fluorescent mineral containing calcite and willemite.

  • Left – GoBe NIGHTSEA light blue illumination, no filter on camera
  • Middle – GoBe NIGHTSEA light blue illumination, barrier filter on camera (equivalent to the filter glasses or dive filter visor)
  • Right – GoBe NIGHTSEA light with remote phosphor in place

(Click image for larger view)

Remote phosphor

When you are exploring for fluorescence it is essential to also have a white light readily at hand, for several reasons:

  • Orientation/Safety
    • When you are searching for fluorescence you are essentially working in the dark. You need to orient yourself and stay aware of hazards.
  • Reading maps, gauges, or notes
    • Trying to read things under the bright blue light can be difficult. White light is easier.
  • Figuring out what is fluorescing
    • It is quite common that only a part of a subject is fluorescing and it is not at all obvious what it is. Switching to white light lets you see the big picture.

The remote phosphor flip cap that comes standard on the GoBe NIGHTSEA light instantly turns the near-monochromatic blue light into broadband white light that you can use for all of the functions above. The relatively narrow beam of the GoBe blue light is not preserved by the phosphor, so the resultant white light illumination will cover a broader area.

Caution – You should have a completely separate backup white light with you when searching for fluorescence in the dark, whether on land or underwater – never rely on just one light.


Land and Sea Packages

We have configured two basic packages plus several additional configuration options:

  • Basic packages – $205
    • GoBe-LAND – GoBe NIGHTSEA light, charger cable, and filter glasses style FG-RB-2
    • GoBe-SEA – GoBe NIGHTSEA light, charger cable, and dive filter visor plus mask strap wrapper
  • Optional upgraded versions and accessories
    • Buddy packages – $250
      • add a second pair of filter glasses or second dive filter visor plus mask strap wrapper to the packages above
      • Part numbers GoBe-LAND-2 or GoBe-SEA-2
    • Land/Sea package – $250  – use the light both underwater and in the lab
      • GoBe-LS – GoBe NIGHTSEA light, charger cable, filter glasses, and dive filter visor plus mask strap wrapper
    • Accessories
      • Filter glasses in three styles (see below)
        • FG-RB-1 – $34
        • FG-RB-2 – $55
        • FG-RB-3 – $55
      • FV-SW – $49 Dive filter visor plus mask strap wrapper

The FG-RB-1 glasses are very basic safety glasses, while the FG-RB-2 and FG-RB-3 are more stylish. Styles -1 and -2 fit over eyeglasses, while -3 does not. All of the filter glasses conform to ANSI Z87.1 impact standards for safety glasses.

The dive filter visor is laser-cut acrylic. The neoprene strap wrapper opens completely along one edge so that you can secure the filter visor’s adjustable strap to your mask strap for your night dive and easily remove it for your day dives.

  • You won’t lose the filter visor jumping into the water or during the dive.
  • Want to switch to white light at night? Just push the filter visor up over your mask.
  • Use the strap wrapper to protect the filter visor when you pack it in your gear bag.

How to order

The GoBe-LAND, GoBe-LAND-2 and GoBe-LS packages are available through Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS), the distributor for our laboratory products.

The GoBe-SEA and GoBe-SEA-2 packages are available direct from NIGHTSEA.

Technical questions?contact NIGHTSEA