Fluorescent mineral sample imaged with the Keyence + NIGHTSEA systems

Fluorescence Adapter for Keyence VHX Series

The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Fluorescence Adapter system adds fluorescence to the Keyence VHX Series of Digital Microscopes (VHX-2000, 5000, 6000) using the same approach that we take with conventional stereo microscopes – the combination of an LED-based light source with a matching barrier filter. The system consists of a free-standing lamp that accepts modular LED light heads, a barrier filter mounted in a holder that slips over the end of the Keyence lens*, and a pair of barrier filter glasses.

*Fits on the VH-Z00, VH-Z20, VH-Z50x and VH-Z100 series lenses

NOTE – February 2018 – The current adapter does not fit on the VH-ZST lens. We are close to having a version that will work with that lens and will announce it here.

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Industrial application: Examining electronic components that were embedded in epoxy, cross-sectioned, polished, and highlighted with a fluorescent epoxy-like dye. Imaged using the Keyence VHX-5000 with the NIGHTSEA fluorescence adapter. Royal Blue excitation-emission set with longpass filter, and white light added to better show the components.


There are five excitation/emission combinations available for the system.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) – Ex – 360 – 380nm, Em – 415nm longpass
  • Violet (VI) – Ex – 400 – 415nm, Em – 460nm longpass
  • Royal Blue (RB) – Ex – 440 – 460nm, Em – 500 nm longpass or 500 – 560nm bandpass
  • Cyan (CY) – Ex – 490 – 515nm, Em – 550nm longpass
  • Green (GR) – Ex – 510 – 540nm, Em – 600nm longpass
Five excitation light heads and matching barrier filters (glasses not shown)

Five excitation light heads and matching barrier filters (glasses not shown)

Part numbers and pricing

  • One-color complete setup – $1,095 ($1,245 for UV)
    • SFA-K-UV – Ultraviolet
    • SFA-K-VI – Violet
    • SFA-K-RB – Royal Blue with longpass filter
    • SFA-K-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green bandpass filter
    • SFA-K-CY – Cyan
    • SFA-K-GR – Green
  • Modular excitation/emission sets – $555 ($705 for UV)
    • SFA-K-LFS-UV – Ultraviolet
    • SFA-K-LFS-VI – Violet
    • SFA-K-LFS-RB – Royal Blue with longpass filter
    • SFA-K-LFS-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green bandpass filter
    • SFA-K-LFS-CY – Cyan
    • SFA-K-LFS-GR – Green

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