Hand grip with Royal Blue light head installed and connected to the power cable, and the Royal Blue filter glasses

Mobile Extension Kit for SFA

The Mobile Extension Kit provides added versatility to your SFA microscope fluorescence adapter system by enabling you to use the light head as a handheld light source. Do you work with both macro and micro subjects? Do you want to screen larger specimens before dissection or other microscope work? Can’t fit everything under the microscope? Then the SFA-MEK Mobile Extension Kit is a way to get more use out of your system.

The kit includes three components:

  • Rubber-coated hand grip with wrist lanyard and custom made enclosure that holds an SFA Light Head securely. The slots on the side of the enclosure provide for cooling and also let you see the color code of an installed light head.
  • Lightweight extension cable.
  • Barrier filter glasses.

To use the kit just take the light head off the SFA gooseneck base, connect it to one end of the extension cable, and attach the other end of the cable to the gooseneck. Insert the light head in the holder and screw down the thumbscrew to secure it in place. Put on the filter glasses that correspond to the light head color and you’re ready to go! If you want to use the Mobile Extender with more than one excitation wavelength you can add additional barrier filter glasses at any time.

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Part numbers and pricing

  • SFA-MEK-xx – $225, where xx indicates the color code corresponding to your light head
    • Color codes – UV, VI, RB, RB-GO, CY, GR

If you want to use the Mobile Extension Kit with the SFA system you already own, then the SFA-MEK is all you need.

If you want to add additional excitation/emission combinations to use only for handheld operation and not for your microscope, you would need a Light Head plus a pair of Barrier Filter Glasses for each color.

Light Heads

  • SFA-LH-UV – Ultraviolet (360-380nm) Light Head – $400
  • SFA-LH-VI – Violet (400-415nm) Light Head – $250
  • SFA-LH-RB – Royal Blue (440-460nm) Light Head – $250
  • SFA-LH-CY – Cyan (490-515nm) Light Head – $250
  • SFA-LH-GR – Green (510-540nm) Light Head – $250

Barrier Filter Glasses – all are $55

  • FG-UV – clear filter (415nm LP) for use with Ultraviolet excitation
  • FG-VI – pale yellow (450nm LP) for use with Violet excitation
  • FG-RB – yellow (500nm LP) for use with Royal Blue excitation, longpass filter
  • FG-RB-GO – green filter (500 – 560nm BP) for use with Royal Blue excitation, bandpass filter
  • FG-CY – orange filter (505nm LP) for use with Cyan excitation
  • FG-GR – red filter (600nm LP) for use with Green excitation

(LP – longpass filter, BP – bandpass filter)

How to order

Master distributorElectron Microscopy Sciences

Local microscope dealers – The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and its accessories are available from select local microscope dealers. If one of them referred you to the NIGHTSEA web site for more information, please go back to that reseller to place your order.