Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

Pull the slider down to see what your microscope looks like with the SFA added …


This video (2:50) introduces the SFA system in the way that we do it when we are exhibiting at a conference.

A brief (2:39) intro showing you how easy it is to add fluorescence to virtually any existing stereo microscope in about 30 seconds. Note that this video includes our original, older-style connector for the light head. The videos above and below show the current connector.

And a 1 minute video showing the system being added to a microscope.

The Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is a complete solution for adding fluorescence to existing stereo microscopes. It includes everything you need for adapting (not converting) just about any stereo microscope. You can purchase any of the 6 modular wavelength combinations that you need now and add more at any time. And best of all – it’s just $1,095 to get started with the complete setup for one color ($1,245 for UV).

A complete system with one excitation/emission combination includes these 7 items:

  1. Flexible gooseneck lamp base with control circuit
  2. Power supply that operates from 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz and international plug set
  3. Simple adapter that mounts on virtually any existing stereo microscope
  4. LED light head
  5. Barrier filter that attaches to the adapter with a simple magnetic click
  6. Viewing shield made of matching filter material
  7. Soft-sided case with custom cut foam for protection in transport and storage

If you want a second wavelength combination, either at the time of the original order or some time in the future, you do not need to order another ‘complete system’. You just need the add-on modular excitation/emission set.

Add-on modular wavelength sets include:

  1. LED light head
  2. Barrier filter that attaches to the adapter with a simple magnetic click
  3. Viewing shield made of matching filter material
  4. Case with custom cut foam for protection in transport and storage

The part numbers for these add-on sets include the letters ‘LFS‘ (for Light and Filter Set).

The light head and filters can be removed and replaced in seconds, and color coding ensures that you are using the right combination. All components are also available a la carte.

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Interested in how this product came into existence? Read the origin story.

How to order

Master distributorElectron Microscopy Sciences

Local microscope dealers – The Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter and its accessories are available from select local microscope dealers. If one of them referred you to the NIGHTSEA web site for more information, please go back to that reseller to place your order.

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Wavelength sets


Designation Excitation Emission Filter
UVUltraviolet 360 – 380nm 415nm longpass
VI – Violet 400 – 415nm 450nm longpass
RB – Royal Blue 440 – 460nm 500nm longpass
RB-GO – Royal Blue, Green Only 440 – 460nm 500 – 560nm bandpass
CY – Cyan 490 – 515nm 550nm longpass
GR – Green 510 – 540nm 600nm longpass



Part numbers and pricing

  • Note – – Wavelength sets are named and color coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence. Read more …
  • One-color complete setup – $1,095.00 ($1,245 for SFA-UV)
    • SFA-UV – Ultraviolet (360 – 380nm) excitation
    • SFA-VI – Violet (400 – 415nm) excitation
    • SFA-RB – Royal Blue (440 – 460nm) excitation with longpass filter
    • SFA-RB-GO – Royal Blue with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-CY – Cyan (490 – 515nm) excitation
    • SFA-GR – Green (510 – 540nm) excitation
  • Modular excitation/emission sets – $555 ($705 for SFA-LFS-UV)
    • SFA-LFS-UV – Ultraviolet excitation
    • SFA-LFS-VI – Violet excitation
    • SFA-LFS-RB – Royal Blue excitation
    • SFA-LFS-RB-GO – Royal Blue excitation with green-only bandpass filter
    • SFA-LFS-CY – Cyan excitation
    • SFA-LFS-GR – Green excitation
  • Modular white light head – $230.00
    • SFA-LH-WH

Ordering/pricing examples


Scenario 1 – You do not own a NIGHTSEA system yet and want to observe GFP

You just need the Royal Blue excitation/emission set. The most common choice is part number SFA-RB, with the longpass filter. If you want the bandpass option the part number is SFA-RB-GO. Both would be priced at $1,095. If you wanted the dimming control (DIM option), the part numbers would be SFA-RB-DIM and SFA-RB-GO-DIM, respectively, price $1,345.

Scenario 2 – You do not own a NIGHTSEA system yet and want to observe both GFP and RFP

You need the Royal Blue and Green excitation/emission sets, but you only need one ‘complete system’. You would order SFA-RB ($1,095) and SFA-LFS-GR ($555).

Scenario 3 – You already own a NIGHTSEA system, for example SFA-RB, and want to add another wavelength set to observe RFP

You just need the add-on modular Green excitation/emission set, SFA-LFS-GR, price $555.


High points

  • Requires NO disassembly or modification to your microscope
  • Installs in under a minute
  • Power supply compatible with 110/220V, 50/60Hz, and comes with modular international plug set – US, EU, UK, AU
  • Does not interfere with ordinary use – the barrier filters attach magnetically so they can be easily removed at any time
  • No warm-up or cool-down required – true instant on/off
  • Modular excitation/emission – purchase what you need, expand at any time
  • Works with virtually every existing stereo microscope, regardless of age
  • Components are color coded to avoid confusion
  • Easily moved between microscopes
  • Includes unique filter shield – dual function as eye protection and as a viewing filter
  • Accessories to increase versatility (see below)
  • Made in USA