Practical Solutions for Viewing and Photographing Fluorescence

Fluorescence has diverse applications in science, education, art, forensic sciences, industry and more. At NIGHTSEA we provide complete solutions – light sources and matched filters – for viewing and imaging fluorescence. With both off-the-shelf and customized equipment we have helped thousands of customers around the world enter this hidden spectral realm.

“I started out making equipment for myself to explore for fluorescence in the sea while SCUBA diving at night. The challenge of working underwater in the dark is a great motivator for making simple, reliable gear that just plain gets the job done. This mindset guides the design of everything that NIGHTSEA produces to view and image fluorescence, wherever you need to work.”

– NIGHTSEA Founder Charles Mazel, PhD



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Application: Fluorescence Reveals Hard-To-Find Marine Life

You can’t study what you can’t see – two recent papers use fluorescence as a tool to explore, find target cryptic species, and locate juvenile corals.

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Investigating Mysterious Fluorescence

What do you do when you find mysterious fluorescent spots on a towel in a hotel bathroom? First you photograph it. Then you get curious and try to find out where it is coming from. Read about our investigation of fluorescence and the laundry.

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Application: Screening FISH-Labeled Planarian (Schmidtea mediterranea)

Screen planaria (SMED – Schmidtea mediterranea) FISH-labeled samples for successful preparation with the NIGHTSEA Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter prior to moving to higher resolution imaging techniques.

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KEY Award Recipient – 2017

The recipient of the third annual NIGHTSEA/EMS KEY Award for New Faculty is Dr. Kristen Gorman, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Cal State Chico.

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