Practical and Economical Solutions for Viewing and Photographing Fluorescence

Fluorescence has diverse applications in science, education, art, forensic sciences, industry and more. NIGHTSEA provides complete and economical solutions – light sources and matched filters – for viewing and imaging fluorescence at scales from macro to micro. With both off-the-shelf and customized equipment we have helped thousands of customers around the world enter this hidden spectral realm.

“I started out making equipment for myself to explore for fluorescence in the sea while SCUBA diving at night. The challenge of working underwater in the dark is a great motivator for making simple, reliable gear that just plain gets the job done. This mindset guides the design of everything that NIGHTSEA produces to view and image fluorescence, wherever you need to work.”

– NIGHTSEA Founder Charles Mazel, PhD



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Sodalite Fluorescence – a Viral Sensation

What is making a seemingly innocuous rock glow fiercely yellow? The answer is fluorescence. Specifically – the rock in question is composed of a mineral called “Sodalite”, which is a fluorescent mineral. Read on to find out more!

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Crop Genetic Engineering and Fluorescence

Crop genetic engineering aims to improve existing crops. Fluorescent proteins as trait markers coupled with fluorescence viewing systems facilitate the research process.

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Zebrafish Metabolic Disease Reporters – mCherry and eGFP

NIGHTSEA recently visited Dr. Jessica Dunleavey at the Zaghloul Lab at the University of Maryland Baltimore to determine whether our Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system could be used to screen their transgenic zebrafish. The research group investigates the functions of genes associated with metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity, and NAFLD/NASH (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease […]

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Which Excitation Should I Use for My Fluorophore?

This page provides guidance on selecting the right NIGHTSEA wavelength set for your fluorescence application.

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