FL5000 Application Examples


Customers are using the Model FL5000 light in a variety of ways to improve performance and productivity.

Reduce rework bouncebacks

“The FL5000 light we purchased is working above our expectation. It is cutting our rework time in half.”

NDT inspectors are the final gatekeepers before a product is shipped. Occasionally they find something that needs rework. In most cases the inspector marks the indication with a circle or other mark and send the piece back to the grinders/welders. The rework crew can only see the mark and not the actual indication, so the work doesn’t always get done perfectly the first time. The result? – parts bouncing back and forth between the inspection booth and the shop floor.

The BlueLine FL5000 lets rework personnel see exactly what they need to work on. Shop-rugged, no power cord to drag around, and instant-on performance make it easy to use whenever and wherever it’s needed. The FL5000’s high intensity and unique blinking mode make indications easy to see in normal shop floor lighting. If grinding is required, the light can be used to check if the grinding has gone far enough.

Rework gets done faster and better, and the part gets out the door sooner – good for the bottom line.


Workflow management

The FL5000 is being put to use for workflow management on the shop floor. A supervisor scans the parts that have left inspection and are waiting for rework, aided by the FL5000’s portability. Different rework personnel have different strengths, and once the supervisor has seen the indications he can make a better match between the job to be done and the person to do it.


Show your observations to others

You may do your inspection in the dark, but sometimes you need to show your results to supervisors, co-workers, clients, or others. FL5000 owners are using their lights on the shop floor, in conference rooms, even outdoors.


Don’t leave it all up to the final inspection – save time with pre-screening

In some cased acceptance inspection is not performed by in-house personnel, but by contracted inspectors on an as-needed basis. Rather than waiting for the NDT professionals to show up, some companies are now doing their own pre-inspection with mag particles and the BlueLine FL5000. Any indications they find can be reworked before the inspection team arrives, saving inspection time and improving overall throughput. Since this is an informational inspection it is not governed by code – the final acceptance inspection is still done by the contracted professionals.


Enhance visible light inspection with dual use particles

Visible light magnetic particles are often used in applications where creating dark conditions is impractical or where the users don’t want to bother with the hassles of ultraviolet lights. Some of these particles are visible-only, while others are termed ‘dual use’ or ‘daylight fluorescent’. The BlueLine FL5000 can bring out that fluorescence, greatly increasing the particle contrast. You get the increased sensitivity of fluorescence, but the convenience of working under visible light conditions. The simplicity of the BlueLine system lets you add the contrast-enhancing fluorescence component with ease.