In-house fluorescence spectroscopy capability

Posted On: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fluoromax-2 spectrofluorometer


NIGHTSEA has a FluoroMax-2 spectrofluorometer that enables us to fully characterize the excitation and emission properties of fluorescing substances. It lets us use science to address the questions ‘Does it fluoresce?’ or ‘How can I best see the fluorescence?’.

  • Emission spectrum – Set the light source to excite at a specified excitation wavelength and scan the detector to characterize the emission
  • Excitation spectrum – Set the emission detector to monitor at a specified fixed wavelength and scan the light source over a range to find the relative efficiency of different wavelengths for stimulating the fluorescence

The FluoroMax comes standard with a cuvette holder in the built-in chamber for measuring fluorescence of solutions, but we also have a fiber optic adapter. The fiber extends out of the sample chamber so that we can point the probe at just about any subject. We even have a custom-made ‘blackout chamber’ for specimens so that we do not have to work in a dark room.

The gallery below shows a mineral sample containing calcite and willemite in white light, fluorescing under blue light excitation, and the excitation and emission spectra measured from willemite, the green-fluorescing mineral.

We will be using this tool to further explore the world of fluorescence and to help our customers solve their fluorescence visualization and measurement challenges. Contact us if we can help you.



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    • I purchased the adapter and the bifurcated fiber from SPEX at the same time I purchased the Fluoromax. They were available as options. The adapter piece goes inside the instrument in place of the cuvette holder. It has one mirror to direct the excitation light into one leg of the fiber, and a second mirror to direct the light from the other leg into the emission detection path.

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